AutoFEM Analysis Processor

The AutoFEM Analysis Processor is the main engine and brain of the system. Its function is the generation and solving systems of algebraic equations which are derived from the finite element discretization. The AutoFEM Analysis Processor has all necessary possibilities for solving linear and non linear equation systems. It uses as direct methods as well iterative methods. When necessary (in case of big systems or weak computer systems), the mode of using the disk storage turns on.

Window of settings for the static analysis solver

Window of settings for the static analysis solver.

Stages of solving equations and additional background information are displayed in a special information window, which indicates parameters of the finite element mesh (the number of nodes and elements), the method of solving the system of equations (direct or iterative), the order of iteration for non linear system solving, error messages and etc.

AutoFEM Processor window of the system messages

AutoFEM Processor window of the system messages.

Upon completion of calculations, a folder containing its results is created in the tree of the study in AutoFEM Palette window. These results are available for view and analysis by means of the AutoFEM Analysis Postprocessor.